Beware RomuLANs Bearing Gifts

Early this November eleven brave souls trekked far and wide to enjoy several days of Halo LAN goodness. BSP is hosting the highlight video of the event made by one of the lan-goers, Rovino. He describes it as: "Its a time-lapse video on the evolution of a Lan Party in Romulus MI.. from set-up to tear-down.. watch the whole gritty mess unfold before your eyes.. and lets give thanks to our host and those who came for providing this rare glimpse into Halo LANs ..." - Rovino Check out one of the most interesting LAN highlight videos to come by in a long time. - Rovino's 'RomuLAN' highlight video - BSP Mirror - Large QuickTime HQ - 41.5 MB
(Right Click to Download)

HBO's Claude & Mig On Spike

Halo.Bungie.Org's very own Claude and Miguel were featured on Spike TV's "Game Head" show talking a bit about what their site does and the level of impact it has on the fans. We are mirroring a clip of that show here for those who may not be able to download the whole program. Check it out: - 'Game Head Clip' - BSP Mirror - Large QuickTime - 8.3 MB (Right Click to Download)

Neil's Third Halo Video

BSP is mirroring some Quicktime versions of the exclusive 3rd Halo 3 video made by Neil Blomkamp and the special effects wizards at WETA in New Zealand. Here we see the conclusion to the story highlighting the visual talents and special effects that could potentially be in an upcoming Halo film project. Check out the final Halo 3 Short 'Last One Standing' by Neil Blomkamp: - 'Last One Standing' - BSP Mirror - Large QuickTime - 12 MB - 'Last One Standing' - BSP Mirror - Small QuickTime - 9 MB (Right Click to Download)

So Close And Yet So Far

With the Halo 3 Beta release imminent for the Friends and Family group of testers MrJukes from Microsoft has made a little video to give people a taste of what's to come. Originally a wmv file Louis Wu from H.B.O. was kind enough to encode an mp4 Quicktime version. We have a mirror of that video here for your pleasure. - Betalicious - BSP Mirror - QuickTime - mp4 - 62 MB (Right Click to Download)

Deadly Night Montage

Hey gang. One of my friends retsamolah who attended the Deadly Night Halo lan in CT this past December made a short montage of game-play using his and another attendee's footage. In it you get to see many HBO and Halo community regulars get killed repeatedly set to Dire Straits "Walk of Life". Classic. Enjoy. Deadly Night Montage - BSP Mirror - QuickTime - Sorenson 3 - 40 MB (Right Click to Download) Deadly Night Montage - Mythica Mirror - QuickTime - Sorenson 3 - 40 MB (Click to Download or View)

Another Durban Musical Piece

:: Audio :: Justin R. Durban has a new musical piece based in the Halo universe. This creation is inspired by the Spartans in the Halo world itself. Click on the link below to give a listen, or right click to download it. His work is great as always. I hope you will enjoy it. " Halo: The Spartans " by Justin R. Durban Also stop by Justin's website for a taste of his musical and graphical talents.

Look Ma, I'm Famous...

Well prometheus from my Halo 2 clan was interested enough to interview me for his blog site Tru7h and Rationalization. Check it out to learn everything you wanted to know about this intrepid filmmaker.

Prepare To Be Hunted

A few weeks ago myself and Arashi from the HBO Lekgolos Halo 2 clan made a promotional video showing off our game-play for all to see. You can check out all the fun from a Video mirror link. Many thanks to Nof from Enraged Creations and KP from Boomerica Enterprises for hosting this.
Hurt, Agony, Pain. - Nof Mirror - Sorenson 3 - 1:48 mins - 28.5 MB Hurt, Agony, Pain. - Boomerica Mirror - Sorenson 3 - 1:48 mins - 21.4 MB