Oh, To Be In Marketing... Now That Spring Is Here.

:: Video :: Well, as most Halo fans know, the sequel to our favorite xbox game is coming out this November 9th. Soon we will be hit with a multi million dollar ad campaign spanning the globe marking it's arrival. But then I began to think.... why wait? :) So here is your very first Halo 2 spot made by yours truly. It comes in a 30 meg High-Quality Sorenson 3 QuickTime file and a smaller slightly lower quality Mpeg-4 version hosted here. HALO 2 Spot : Large : 14 megs : Mpeg 4 HALO 2 Spot : Large : 30 megs - HQ QT Sorenson 3 (Mirrored at www.Mythica.org. Thanks Brian!)
**Right Click to download**