You Are In Need Of Training

One of our very own Halo 2 clan members left for boot camp with the United States Marine Corps just recently. So as a good luck tribute, myself, Arashi, and some of the HBO Lekgolos got together and made a video send off for him. We wish him all the best, and look forward to his return soon. :D
BSP Link - Boot Camp Chaos

New Pictures

:: Pictures :: Here is a major update to the pictures section here on BSP. We have a full series of original desktops created by yours truly for your very own viewing enjoyment. You can see them on the new DESKTOPS page. Feel free to share them, but remember these are originals so no selling, or using them for commercial work without my written permission. Enjoy.

And So It Begins...

:: Video :: Well just to prove to the visitors of this site I'm not dead, I'm posting a few stories on BSP about some new developments in the Halo community. First up is the mirror of the "Hi-Rez :30 second TV commercial for Halo 2". You can get it here or from BSP's newly updated Videos page. Also several graphical changes, icon upgrades, page updates etc have all been added to BSP before we have a major overhaul.

Oh, To Be In Marketing... Now That Spring Is Here.

:: Video :: Well, as most Halo fans know, the sequel to our favorite xbox game is coming out this November 9th. Soon we will be hit with a multi million dollar ad campaign spanning the globe marking it's arrival. But then I began to think.... why wait? :) So here is your very first Halo 2 spot made by yours truly. It comes in a 30 meg High-Quality Sorenson 3 QuickTime file and a smaller slightly lower quality Mpeg-4 version hosted here. HALO 2 Spot : Large : 14 megs : Mpeg 4 HALO 2 Spot : Large : 30 megs - HQ QT Sorenson 3 (Mirrored at Thanks Brian!)
**Right Click to download**

Strap In Bitch...

:: Video :: Here is the moment you all have been waiting for... Well, all the HALO fans that attended the Offensive Tetraboxing Halo Lan Fest anyway. The highlight video is here. This one we pulled out all the stops for, ran all the red lights, burned all the bridges, pulled no punches, and even ran with scissors. The biggest, baddest, boldest, blockbuster quality vid yet. Take a look... just don't blink. But then again, I don't think you'll want to. ;) Mirrored at - OT Lan Video Large : 120 megs - HQ QT Sorenson 3 (Mirrored at Thanks Brian!)

RvB Interview

:: Interview :: Hello to all the HALO and Red vs. Blue fans out there. We have a special treat for you. 'Clarksbrother' of the Not So Late Show who I just met last weekend at the 'Offensive Tetraboxing HALO LAN Fest', got a chance to interview 'gus' a.k.a "Simmons" of the popular web series "Red vs. Blue". They have a second season of the series underway right now and BSP is mirroring the audio file of that interview for you. Check it out: Gus-RvB-Interview (15 Minutes) 7 Megs.

Offensive Tetraboxing

:: HALO LAN Fest :: The 'Offensive Tetraboxing HALO LAN Fest' went off very smooth. For those who may not know, a documentary crew from "Film Oasis" covered the event for a film they are doing about the upcoming HALO 2, along with a visit from Bungie's very own Sketchfactor who came with presents for all who attended. I would like to send out a special thank you to the following people: to Joe Spanos for coming in and saving the day by lending me his car for the trip, to Sketchfactor at Bungie for the gifts and being extremely cool, also for getting to meet and play with the most very special group of Halo Fans anywhere, and to our glorious host Louis Wu. Highlight Video of the LAN

The Master Chief Gets Some New Music.

:: Audio :: Meet "The Man". His name is Justin R. Durban. And he is one talented S.O.B. His latest creation is a musical piece inspired by the character Master Chief in the game HALO. Click on the link below to give a listen, or right click to download it. This is some really stunning work. I hope you will be as impressed as I am. " Halo: Master and Chief " by Justin R. Durban Also stop by Justin's website for a taste of his musical and graphical talents.