Are You Big Enough II: Kill Claude

:: HALO Lan Fest :: Man, it's been too long since I updated anything on BSP. Does time fly. I figure I better do something now because when Mac/Halo comes out, I'm not going to get any work done at all. Well, some local HALO players will be happy to know that I got the 'GO Code' on hosting another Lan Fest here. (For those who might not know, it was called 'Are You Big Enough' and it had a 40 foot projection screen to play on.) This one will have even more toys to play with, and hopefully Halo 2 will be out by then. It is planned for Summer 2004, but to get you warmed up a bit in this cold weather; I made a little promo for it based on the "Kill Bill" film trailers. It's about 7 megs, mp4 (divx) encoded. A Y B E II: Kill Claude video. (right click to download.)